Taking Aim...

Take Back the 2nd!

Because it doesn't say, "Unless the government decides that you don't need it!"

About us

This group began as a gripe session on a Facebook page. Everyone was complaining bout Gavin Newsom’s attempt to further derail our Second Amendment rights by attacking ammo purchases and making law abiding citizens criminals by banning common ammo magazines. Everyone was saying “we should do something, damn it!” Yet all anyone wanted to do was post memes and complain. Two of us on the page that day, Michael & Wayne,┬ástarted talking about what we could do. About 15 minutes later #takebackthe2nd was born!

From there we created a fan page, used to keep everyone informed without the daily chatter. Scott joined us and started takebackthe2nd.org. The three of us have bonded over our defense of the Second Amendment and continue to work towards the day when there are no restrictions on law abiding gun owners.

If you’ve read this far, good for you! Please let us know that we’re not talking to ourselves. Post comments, suggestions or your experiences in the gun loving world, etc…

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