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Take Back the 2nd!

Because it doesn't say, "Unless the government decides that you don't need it!"

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Things are really happening around here! The only thing missing is your interaction. So our Webmaster put in a speed-bump in the form of the Take Back the 2nd’s community forums. This is your chance to ask questions, share your knowledge maybe even brag about a recent purchase or hunt. It can be whatever you make it to be.

The basic forum rules apply, and for the record you should read them. Basically it boils down to if you’re looking to flame someone or belittle someone’s lack of knowledge, well that’s what Facebook is for. This is meant to be a place to talk about guns and gun accessories. Don’t be afraid to be the first to post. If you post it, they will come.

Let us know what you think, let us know how we’re doing, Hell let us know you’re out there!

Take Back the 2nd’s Goals

Our initial goal is to stop Gavin Newsom’s anti Second Amendment bill, cleverly named  “The Safety for All Act of 2016″*. The act attempts to further erode our Second Amendment rights by putting unnecessary restrictions on the legal gun owners of this state. The purchasing of ammunition will cause the buyer to be subjected to the additional cost and scrutiny of a background check, much like someone buying a gun.

The three main reasons that the Founding Fathers wisely added the Second Amendment were:

  • To keep the Government from overstepping it’s purposefully limited powers. A recent poll shows that 70% of Americans do not trust the Federal Government.
  • For personal safety. With the passage of AB 109, otherwise known as “Public Safety Realignment” sixty four thousand criminals have been released back into our neighborhoods. Many of them with violent criminal records. As law abiding citizens, we have the right to protect our lives and property.
  • To protect our fundamental rights. If the government can take away one right they can take them all away.

Have you noticed that when the liberals want to diminish our rights it’s often done under the guise of Safety? Disarming citizens does not equate to safety. We cannot afford to be the silent majority any longer. We need to rise up and make our collective voices heard! If we neglect to take action now we will continue to lose our rights. We believe that Mr. Newsom is simply pandering for votes for his upcoming gubernatorial run in 2018. Not only is his initiative misleading but it is largely unenforceable and over reaching.

It will cause currently legal ammunition magazines to suddenly and overnight become illegal. Criminalizing otherwise law abiding gun owners. It will likely cause all but the largest current ammunition sellers to abandon the product due to costly overhead and surely drive small business owners out of business or at least out of state. It will cause the price of guns AND ammunition to grow beyond the ability of many Californians to afford. It can strip us of our fundamental right of self-defense, leaving us vulnerable and reliant on an already over worked police force.

It will add millions of dollars to an already bloated California deficit AND create yet another liberal bureaucracy with little power to enforce the new law. The state will be able to collect and share personal data of every gun owner with impunity.

We hope to educate California voters to the true cost of Mr. Newsom’s bill. We believe that the tax money and effort that would be wasted by the additional gun restrictions would be better spent on gun safety education and training. Our goal will be to not only provide information needed to make a logical decision to defend your 2nd. Amendment rights, but also the ability to register to vote.

In addition, we’ll strive to make a Carrying a Concealed Weapon permit in California more obtainable for every law abiding citizen. We believe that a CCW should be nationally recognized the same way a Driver License and a Marriage License is. We will also work to repeal California’s restrictive open carry laws. We believe that it is our right to self-preservation that is being hindered by these oppressive laws.

All anyone with common sense has to do is look to places like Chicago, with some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation to prove that restrictive gun laws by themselves do not work. Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to obtain weapons, including creating them. All that these laws create are defenseless citizens.

If after educating yourself you choose not to own a gun, that is your decision, your right. We are fighting to keep that right, to choose for yourself and not let the government choose for you.

Every time one of our rights is taken away by liberal politicians, we become less like citizens and more like subjects. It is our duty and responsibility to defend these rights no matter what the cost. The time is now to stand up and say “no more” and take back the 2nd! Because it doesn’t say, “Unless the government decides that you don’t need it!”


Thank you and God Bless America!


*The Safety for All Act of 2016

The initiative will appear on the 2016 California ballot with the following provisions:

  • Prohibits Possession of Large-Capacity Military-Style Magazines: The Safety for All initiative outlaws possession of large-capacity magazines of 11 rounds or more and provides for their legal disposal. If passed, California would join New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and The District of Columbia in banning possession of these military-style clips.
  • Treats Ammunition Sales Like Gun Sales: The initiative requires licensing of ammunition vendors and point-of-sale background checks for ammunition purchases. Under the initiative, if a person is convicted of a felony, a violent misdemeanor, has a restraining order or has been declared dangerously mentally ill, they will no longer be able to buy ammunition in California. California would be the first state to require background checks at point of sale.
  • Ensures People Prohibited from Owning Guns Do Not Possess Them: The initiative defines a clear firearms relinquishment process for those convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor.
  • Requires Reporting Lost or Stolen Guns: The initiative requires firearm owners to notify law enforcement if their firearm has been lost or stolen. With the Safety for All initiative, California would join 11 other states and the City of Sacramento requiring lost and/or stolen firearm reporting.
  • Shares Data with Federal System on Prohibited People: The initiative mandates that California share data with the FBI/NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System).Copied directly from http://www.safetyforall.com/ on 11/2/2015