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Because it doesn't say, "Unless the government decides that you don't need it!"

A bonding moment

My father called me tonight just to check in and see how my family was doing. I hadn’t talked to him since we’d taken up the cause of the Second Amendment, so I told him what we were doing. A little background on my father: He served stateside in the Air Force during the 50s & 60s. After leaving the service he became a Deputy Sherriff in Orange County where he served for over 25 years until a medical retirement. Basically he is a by the books, no BS man. He is also what I call an “old school father”, never quite comfortable around young kids or expressing too much emotion. At least when I was growing up.

As I explained to him about the restrictions on ammo that Gavin Newsom was trying to push through he stopped me dead in my tracks, “Wait a minute son! Are you supporting that?!” I assured him that we would fight any attempt to derail our Second Amendment rights. (That was close!)

We spent the next 45 minutes talking about CCWs, traffic stops, and hand gun selection. It was the longest phone conversation that we’d had for a very many years. I could tell in his voice that he was proud of the work that I am doing. Not that I have issues, but it felt good to receive the praise.

He also told me about an old friend of his from the department, Wiley Clapp. I searched his name while my father told me about some of the adventures that they had. I was surprised to read that he was THE Wiley Clapp of The Wiley Clapp Colt fame! He even gave me a key question to ask Wiley, if I can get a hold of him that will, as dad put it “Cut through 95% of his bullshit walls.” Almost like a secret handshake, it will let him know that I’m not some American Rifleman groupie. I’ll let y’all know if it works in an upcoming blog.

You just never know who your parents know unless you talk to them. Ask them about their past and then shut up and listen! Learn from them and find a common interest. Probably even more important, share your experiences with your kids. Give them a reason to look up to you.


Remember what we’re fighting for & God bless America


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