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The Liberals Are Coming…

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This morning I was minding my own business, drinking my coffee out of my new gun mug (Thank you Sabrina!) perusing the internet when I was assaulted by an offensive headline that read: Hillary Clinton’s 25% Gun Tax! *HC

That is why we as pro-2A people need to get the word out there! We need to make sure that we pull the fence sitters off on our side. They don’t have to like, shoot or even own a gun but everyone needs to understand that “The Liberals are coming!” after our rights! Today it’s gun rights; tomorrow it’s our freedom of speech, or our right to a trial by our peers! Insert whatever right that you hold dear, they are all on the chopping block once the overlords start making decisions for us! This once great country was founded on our freedom!

As soon as we allow (either by voting for them or even just by doing nothing) politicians to modify or straight up take away even one of our rights we’ve set precedence for the government to decide what is best for us. Do you want Big Brother deciding how many bullets you can buy in a given period? Do you want BB saying that “they” know better than you what’s best for your children?

Starting January 1, in California if anyone in your family reports you as “a threat to yourself or others”, the police can confiscate your weapons for 21 days without you ever being questioned. *CA. I’m grateful that my wife is very stable & pro-gun!

New York has already tried to decide whether or not you should be allowed to order that large soda. Now they’ve set their sights on how many bullets you should be trusted with! State Senator Roxanne Persaud (D-19) and Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon (D-52) want to pass a law that would limit ammo purchases to twice the capacity of the firearm during a 90-day period (3 months)! *NY

I know, “That’s in New York, it doesn’t affect me…”  Or “Those crazy CA laws would never fly in my state…” New York and California are becoming watershed states when it comes to gun laws. To paraphrase Frank, “If Libs can… pass it there, they’ll pass it … anywhere…” That’s why it’s so damned important to vote in every election! Get informed, be heard, & make a difference!

I do realize that my rants lately have been voter related, but until we take to the streets in civil disobedience, demanding our Second Amendment rights we have to hit them where it hurts most, in the ballot box. I urge you to talk to your conservative & moderate friends about protecting their rights. Talk to your liberal friends, if you have any, at your own risk…
Take a stand & GOD bless America! #takebackthe2nd


Do your own homework here –

*HC http://www.alloutdoor.com/2015/09/10/hillary-clintons-25-gun-tax/




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