Taking Aim...

Take Back the 2nd!

Because it doesn't say, "Unless the government decides that you don't need it!"



THIS, ladies and gentlemen is WHY we can’t have nice things! People so often don’t vote because “It won’t matter…” “They already know who’s gonna win…” “I don’t have a dog in this fight…” You NEED to get out and vote, make sure your range buddy votes, make sure your carpool members vote (depending on their slant anyway…), make sure that anybody that agrees with your way of thinking votes! It is our duty to make sure that every conservative American votes in every election!

If you don’t vote, then you are not allowed to whine, complain or even post any “anti-their guy” memes. You give up that right when you don’t vote. Sadly, that’s not the only right that you stand to lose by not voting. The liberal Democrats have made it very clear what will be in their cross-hairs if they win. The 2nd Amendment will likely be drastically changed if they retain the White House. If you won’t vote, then I doubt that you will actually take a stand if they come for your guns. The time to take a stand is now! Take the fight to them, don’t wait for it to come to your yard.

Do we have the perfect pool of nominees to choose from? Hell no! But we need to play the hand that’s dealt us. We need to be in contact with our local, state & Federal representatives, to remind them that they work for us! I know that that’s not always an easy thing to do, most of my Reps are Democrats but I still send them emails explaining how I feel about any given situation. Do they care? Probably not, did I do my due diligence, yes. I also found a state Senator that is very pro-gun and I have made a point of staying in his peripheral.

I believe that education is a direction that our group will gravitate towards because education is a cornerstone to any movement. Gun education, voter education and Constitutional education are three areas that are desperately underserved. Especially in the universities and colleges where liberal professors teach young Americans to be entitled, offended and afraid of loud noises. If you have knowledge in one of those areas, PLEASE contact us! We are still in the developmental stages and could use some guidance and volunteers.

Lastly, if you agree with any of our posts please comment and let us know. If you disagree with any of our posts, let us know! We aren’t here merely to entertain you but to elicit thought and discussion. Through interaction we all learn from each other.


Thank you for your time & GOD bless America!


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