Taking Aim...

Take Back the 2nd!

Because it doesn't say, "Unless the government decides that you don't need it!"

Which rights should the government allow us to have?

This was written in response to a Facebook post by terrified liberal DEMANDING extreme gun control now!


I’m tired of the leftist elite, Hollywood stars and politicians screaming for gun control while hiding behind armed guards. Why are their lives more important then the rest of us?

If you choose to be unarmed subjects then go right ahead and sign on the dotted line, giving up your Second Amendment rights. While you’re at it, let’s allow the government to choose what other rights you don’t need.

I. After all, if the government decides for you what religion you should follow then there won’t be any need for religious arguments. They’ll take care of the news media too, only allowing “proper” news.

II. You’ve already agreed that “we the people” don’t need guns to keep us safe, the government will do that.

III. If the government decides that they need to house soldiers or otherwise commandeer your belongings, it’s probably for the best.

IV. If the police don’t have to have probable cause to search your house then they can make sure that you’re safe, even from yourself. You might possess something not “state approved”.

V. Let’s allow the courts to decide how many times you can be tried for a crime and force you to incriminate yourself. They can also decide that your personal property would better off used by the state, after all they know best.

VI. Perhaps if the government decides that you’ve committed a crime they may need to incarcerate you for an extended period of time so they can build a case against you. It would probably make someone uncomfortable if they had to face you in court to accuse you of a crime so let’s keep them private.

VII. Let’s face it, jury duty can be such a hassle, so the government can decide your guilt or innocence from here on out.

VIII. If the government thinks you’re guilty, you probably are so take your punishment like a good subject.

IX. If they aren’t spelled out then I guess no other rights exist…

X. And lastly, let’s allow the federal government to decide what powers it should ultimately wield. Again, they know what’s best for us!

Would that make you all feel warm and safe? Who needs all of these rights anyhow? Way too much thinking and decision making for us, let’s let THEM decide what rights they will GIVE us… Mind that slope, it’s kinda slippery.


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